The Best Venusaur Pokemon Cards: Guide & Advice 

Let’s check out the best Venusaur Pokemon cards.

As the final evolution for one of the original starter Pokémon, Venusaur often gets forgotten in favour of his fiery foe Charizard

Regardless, Venusaur is still a heavy hitter in every sense of the word. He’s also the subject of our latest card roundup!

Here’s a list with three of the best Venusaur Pokemon cards that are available on the market right now, as well as buying/selling advice for would-be investors. 

The Best Venusaur Pokémon Cards

We looked at historical sales prices and additional data to come up with the top three Venusaur cards seen below. 

As you may have guessed, the majority were released towards the turn of the century. We’d stick with graded cards to have a better idea of the overall condition. 

3. 2000 Pokemon Gym Challenge Erika’s Venusaur #4 (eBay)

2000 Pokemon Gym Challenge Erika’s Venusaur PSA graded card

The 2000 Gym Challenge set was based on the handheld Red, Blue, and Green games, featuring Generation I Pokémon and the Kanto region’s Gym Leaders.

This is why it’s ‘Erika’s Venusaur’, as Celadon City’s leader specialises in using grass-type Pokémon. 

Released only a year after the original set, it’s tough to find pristine copies over 20 years later. It’s a cheaper option than the 1999 card, even if it’s wrapped in a PSA sleeve. 

2. 1995 Japanese Topsun Pocket Monsters Venusaur (eBay)

1995 Japanese Topsun Pocket Monsters Venusaur PSA 10 graded Pokemon card

Despite being slabbed as a 1995 card in the image above, the Japanese Topsun set was most probably released in 1997. It was originally given away with gum, and was produced by Top-Seika.

All 150 original Pokémon can be found in the set, excluding Mew. 

As for the wrong year of release, Pokémon was released in 1996, so it’s unlikely to have been released four years before the original set. (Or a year before the games.)

1. 1999 Pokemon Game 1st Edition Holo Venusaur #15 (eBay

1999 Pokemon Game 1st Edition Holo Venusaur PSA graded Pokemon card

There’s no escaping the popularity of the 1999 Pokémon set. It’s packed to the brim with 150 monsters which can be named by almost anyone in their early 30’s. (Myself included.)

This card is probably the best at showing Venusaur’s impressive size. The holo foil makes it susceptible to showing off any nicks and flaws. 

Graded copies are exceptionally expensive, and the card is worth its weight in gold. 

Venusaur Pokémon Cards: Buyers Guide 

We’ve come up with a quick buyer’s guide in case you’re tempted to add a Venusaur or two to your personal collection. 

The best affordable card to make the list has to be Erika’s Venusaur. It’s still an early release, even if it’s not instantly recognisable for the majority of fans. The price has still gone up eight-fold at the current time of writing. A PSA 10 copy sold for $515 back in 2019. It’s now worth roughly $4,000. 

For once, we think that any of the three cards found above make for great investment pieces, depending on your overall budget and the grade selected. 

If we could only have one pristine copy, we’d opt for the 1999 set. Others might have a better ROI given the low price points.  

Venusaur Pokemon Cards: Buying/Selling Advice 

Venusaur isn’t as popular as Charizard, but that means that it’ll be easier to grab a copy or two at a reasonable price. 

It’s still one of the key original 150 Pokémon, the strongest grass-type of the first generation, and the final evolution for Ash’s beloved Bulbasaur. If you think that the average price of Pokémon cards is going to continue to rise over the next decade, it’s hard to think of a better card wrapped in green. 

Check all available Venusaur Pokémon cards on eBay.

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