2022/23 Match Attax Extra Update: Guide, Best Cards, and Review

2022/23 Match Attax Extra cards
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As with the base collection, you’ll find a genuine autograph at a rate of roughly 1 in 2,100 packs, and there’s a heap of improvements to speak about. 

It’s cheaper than normal Match Attax boxes (£43.20) so it should be seen as a wallet-friendly option. We grabbed a box and an eco-pack to see whether it’s worth it or not.

As well as a guide taking you through the new subsets, we’ll be looking at the coveted 22/23 Match Attax Extra autos and boot relics that are the most valuable cards from the set. 

We’ve included a preliminary checklist for the 2022/23 Match Attax Extra autos, as well as showing off what we pulled from our box. 

Let’s get started with this 2022/23 Match Attax Extra review. 

2022/23 Match Attax Extra: Guide

Our 22/23 Match Attax Extra guide takes you through what you need to know about the UK set, which has seen a number of quality of life improvements since the last release. 

Make no mistake, it’s still an entry-level set and cards are a bit flimsy, but it’s to be expected considering the price tag. 

2022/23 Match Attax Extra: Key Stats 

As you’ll see, the box is similar to the normal 22/23 collection in terms of design, with a yellow ‘Extra’ label found underneath the Match Attax logo. It adds a large gold X to a blue background, making it easy to identify.

Here are key stats and info for the latest 2022/23 Match Attax Extra collection:

  • Release date: February, 2023
  • RRP: £43.20 per box, or £2 per pack 
  • Setup: 24 packets of Match Attax Extra 22/23 per box (288 cards) 12 cards per packet (297 cards in total)
  • Configuration: Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League cards
  • Misc: New parallels and inserts for the update set as well as regulars: Squad Updates, 100 Club, Starburst, MOTM Heritage, Crystal Blue and Green Emerald Parallels, Out of this World Flourescent Foils, Performance cards, Headline Heros, Engraved Unlimited Limited Edition cards
  • Numbered shield parallels

2022/23 Match Attax Extra: Best Cards

The ‘best’ cards from the set have to be the autos, especially if you’re looking for the most valuable 2022/23 Match Attax cards. 

  1. 2022/23 Match Attax Extra Autos (eBay)

The autos are going to be scarce, but they do pop up every so often on sites like eBay. I’ve ripped hundreds of Match Attax packs over the years, and with odds of one in 2,100, I’ve never actually seen one in real life! Given the rarity, they can easily sell for eye-watering prices, and will pay for the box many times over. 

If you’ve managed to pack an auto, I’d advise to look at values for other cards featuring the player from the 2022/23 season. 

  1. 2022/23 Match Attax Extra Dual Autos (eBay)

(This is typical of Topps, but it’s not great if it’s impossible to tell what’s in boxes in the first place.)

2022/23 Match Attax Extra: Auto Checklist 

At the time of writing, Topps hasn’t released a 2022/23 Match Attax Extra autograph checklist. There are 10 autos to chase, including Thomas Müller (FC Bayern München). Feel free to drop a comment if you manage to beat the odds and find an auto, and we’ll fill in any gaps!

There are five past and present dual autos, we know of two so far:

  • Michael Owen / Diogo Jota (Liverpool)
  • Andrés Iniestra / Pedri (FC Barcelona)

What We Packed 

As you might have guessed, we packed a healthy selection of inserts as there were an average of three per box, including a Pro-Elite Chrome Shield.

They’re not worth much, but the designs have improved since last year. The Pro Elite Chrome Shields feel sturdier, while the 100 Club cards look better in a sleek gold. 

The Topps Heritage cards are always a nice addition, while the only Limited Edition card that holds any value is the blue Rafael Leao in the bottom right corner. (It also has a different card number: LE BL.)

It’s worth noting that there are a lot of condition-sensitive inserts, especially the new ‘Out of this world’ and ‘Mega Value’ cards that come with a black border. Stick them in a sleeve and toploader if you’re aiming to keep them safe and secure long-term.

Of course, we were always unlikely to hit an auto, and we ended up empty handed in that respect. However, it wasn’t disappointing to open the packs and check out the collection of new inserts and subsets, and it’s still wallet friendly. 

There are boot relics that are only available in tins. Once again, we expect them to be tough to locate. 


2022/23 Match Attax Extra boxes have been printed in massive numbers, and stocks should last throughout the rest of the 2022/23 season. 

We’re big fans of the budget base Match Attax set, but it probably isn’t going to be the best option in terms of values in the future. (That’s unless you’ve been lucky enough to find a rare parallel, or an auto or relic.)

The card designs are still a bit too busy, while only the rare autos and patches look to be a viable long term hold. 

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