The Best Harry Kane Cards Ever: Guide

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A contender for the best striker in the Premier League, it’s not so long ago that Harry Kane was derided as a one-season wonder.

The Tottenham captain has scored 166 goals in 245 league games, just under a hundred shy of Alan Shearer’s Premier League record of 260 goals.

He has also confirmed that he will be staying with Spurs for the 2022/23 season.

Here’s a rundown with five of the best Harry Kane cards, along with lots of buying and selling advice for the England star. 

The Best Harry Kane Cards

As England’s captain, Kane’s best cards tend to feature him in an international kit. 

5. 2015 Panini Football League Harry Kane RC #88 (eBay)

The first card to make the list is from the 2015 Panini Football set, featuring Kane on his England debut. 

Kane has scored 38 goals in 61 games for England, becoming the talismanic heartbeat of the team in the meantime. 

It’s worth noting that his squad number is 18 in the action shot rather than the customary 9 seen with the majority of his England cards. (Kane also wore the 18 shirt for Spurs during the 14/15 season.)

It might not be the most expensive card, but it’s hard to beat his international RC. There’s also good potential for profit if he ever manages to win anything with England.

4. 2018 Panini Prizm World Cup Scorers Club Harry Kane #SC-7 (eBay)

The 2018 World Cup was the best return for the player at an international tournament, winning the Golden Boot as he tied fellow Englishman Gary Lineker’s 1986 record with six goals.

An insert from the 2018 Panini Prizm World Cup Soccer collection, Kane’s Scorers Club card comes with a trio of Prizm parallels. The rarest is the black one of one seen above. 

  • Silver, Gold #/10, Black 1/1

Base prizms are fairly cheap, while the set also contains a number of signed Kane cards.

3. 2016 Panini Flawless Finishes Auto RC #FF-HK (eBay)

What about an autographed Kane card that is limited to a minuscule print run? The 2016 Panini Flawless Finishes auto has a base version with only 25 copies, while further parallels are as follows; 

  • Ruby #/15, Gold #/10, Emerald #/5, Black 1/1 

It’s the cleanest design of all the cards to make the list, with a true premium feel. Meanwhile, the cream background meshes well with his England kit, and his shirt number is the early 18. 

This is going to be an expensive option if you’re buying a copy wrapped in a PSA/BGS slab.

2. 2020 Select UEFA Euro Harry Kane #84 (eBay)

The 2020 Select UEFA Euro set contains a number of premium cards displaying some of the biggest soccer stars in the world. 

Kane led England to a defeat on penalties in the Euro 2020 final at the hands of Italy. 

One of the more recent options to make the list, there are numerous rare Prizm parallels, while the image shows the updated kit number and his captain’s armband.

2020 Select Prizm Parallels: Silver, Tiger, Tri-Color, Zebra, Blue #/225, Maroon #/165, Orange #/125, Purple #/79, Camo #/60, Tie-Dye #/25, Gold #/10, Green #/5, Black Mosaic 1/1

1. 2014 Topps Premier League Harry Kane RC #492 (eBay)

The top spot on the list is reserved for the 2014 Topps EPL sticker. It features Kane in a classic Spurs kit. 

He burst onto the scene in 2014, earning a spot in the PFA Team of the Year. Kane was also voted the PFA Young Player of the Year as he scored 21 goals in all competitions. 

There aren’t as many copies of his rookie sticker as you might have thought, while it shows the Tottenham legend back where it all began. 

The only slight drawback is that it doesn’t come in card form.

Harry Kane Cards: Buyers Guide 

Kane’s cards have seen a small lull in prices following England’s loss in the Euro 2020 final against Italy. 

Now could be the perfect time to snag a couple of graded copies, before the market begins to heat back up again.

The Best Cheap Harry Kane Cards

For a more affordable graded Kane card, check out the base edition from the 2018 Panini World Cup set. 

As we’ve mentioned, Kane earned the Golden Boot after ending the tournament as the top scorer, which is a solid added bonus.

Graded versions can also be found for a decent price at the moment. 

We’ve mentioned a handful of great options above, including signed cards and multiple RCs, but which would we choose? 

For the best overall investment, we’d opt for either the 2014 rookie sticker or the Panini Football League RC released a year later.

Early rookie cards are always going to be the most coveted options in the long run. The only real choice is whether or not you want him in an England or Tottenham shirt.

Final Thoughts

As long as he stays in England, Kane is sure to eclipse Shearer’s EPL goal record. (Especially if he joins the likes of Man City along the way, or stays with Tottenham.) 

It’s a record that doesn’t seem likely to be broken by anyone else in the foreseeable future, and it’s one accolade that the player is clearly gunning for.

However, the lack of trophies for either Spurs or England is a slight blotch on his resume. He’s widely acknowledged to be one of the best forwards in the world by most fans in the know. 

It’s improbable that Tottenham will win anything significant, but you can never say never with a 30-goal per season striker up top. Then there’s England, who have reached a semi and a final in their last two outings. 

Kane has made a career out of proving the doubters wrong. We’d keep an eye on his progress throughout the season.

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