2022 Panini Premier League Hall of Fame Trading Cards: Review 

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The 2022 Panini Premier League Hall of Fame trading card set is a mini-release focusing on some of the biggest stars to have played in the top flight of English football. 

Given to Panini UK users who spent £100 online, it has a print run of 1,000 sets, and a trio of rare parallels. 

We managed to get our hands on a box, so we’ve cracked it open to bring you the following review. 

2022 Panini Premier League Hall of Fame: Key Stats 

The 2022 Panini Premier League Hall of Fame trading card set was only available in the UK, via the online store. They say

“The first ever Panini Premier League Hall of Fame trading card set includes a selection of the Legend players already inducted or nominated in this year’s Hall of Fame.”

There are only 1,000 sets available to customers who spend £100 on Premier League products* on panini.co.uk. The sets are only available whilst stocks last and will be shipped at the end of June 2022.”

In every set, 1 of the 8 base cards will be replaced with a sequentially numbered parallel:

  • Numbered 1-99 (Silver)
  • Numbered 1-25 (Gold)
  • Numbered 1 of 1 (White on Gold)

2022 Panini Premier League Hall of Fame: The Players 

Here’s a quick rundown of the eight PL players who make up the 2022 Hall of Fame set.  

8. Alan Shearer (eBay)

Alan Shearer is a certified goalscorer, with the most strikes in Premier League history (260). The Newcastle and England legend might not have won much, but that’s due to his loyalty to his hometown club. 

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7. Robin Van Persie (eBay)

On the topic of goalscorers, Robin Van Persie was one of the more gifted forwards of his generation. He battled back from injuries to join Manchester United in 2012. In his first season with the Red Devils, he won the Premier League and his second consecutive Golden Boot.

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6. Frank Lampard (eBay)

Frank Lampard was a dynamic midfielder who was a major part of Chelsea’s early success this century. He’s the Premier League’s highest scoring midfielder of all time, and the current Everton boss. 

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5. Michael Owen (eBay)

The second youngest Ballon d’Or winner, Michael Owen was the youngest player to reach the 100 goal milestone in the Premier League. He’s not the most enthralling football personality, but he was a massive talent. 

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4. Wayne Rooney (eBay)

Wayne Rooney was a true phenom when he burst onto the scene as a teenager for Everton, and has to be seen as one of the best cards in the set. Seen as the last street footballer, his talent was one of a kind. 

(A Silver /99 Rooney parallel was what we got in our packs, which is a decent result all things considered.)

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3. Edwin Van der Sar (eBay)

Edwin van der Sar is one of the best goalkeepers to feature in the top flight, having won 26 major trophies in his career, mainly at Ajax and Manchester United. He is also the oldest player to win the Premier League, having done so in 2011 at the age of 40 years and 205 days.

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2. Thierry Henry (eBay)

Before Kylian Mbappe, there was another world class French forward who began his career with Monaco. 

Thierry Henry went on to become one of the greatest strikers of all time and one of the greatest players in the history of the Premier League, seeing success with France, winning the 1998 FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro 2000 and 2003 FIFA Confederations Cup.

Given his storied career and immense talent, Thierry Henry cards are reasonably popular as of 2022.  The French striker is a Premier League legend with Arsenal.

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1. David Beckham (eBay)

One of the most popular players of all-time, David Beckham played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, and PSG. A true dead-ball specialist, his crossing technique was second to none. 

David Beckham cards are always going to be a hot commodity, and these parallels are no exception. 

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2022 Panini Premier League Hall of Fame Trading Cards: Sealed Boxes  

With a low print run of 1,000, it’s going to be tough to locate sealed boxes the further away you get from the original release date. They also don’t have an RRP, as they were given away as a gift with qualifying purchases.

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2022 Panini Premier League Hall of Fame: Final Thoughts 

The 2022 Panini Premier League Hall of Fame trading card set is a niche product, but it does feature some of the best players in the sport. The cards are high-quality, while there’s a one-of-one Beckham/Rooney/Henry out there somewhere. 

We’d keep an eye on prices, and we think the cards have great potential in terms of future values.

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