What Are The Best 1978 Topps Tony Dorsett Rookie Cards?

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Is it a good idea to start collecting Tony Dorsett rookie cards? Here’s everything you need to know.

Running back Tony Dorsett was the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year for 1977 as he became the first player to win a college football championship, then win the Super Bowl the year after. It’s no wonder that his Topps RC will sell for four figures when it’s in pristine condition. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Tony Dorsett secured his spot in the Hall of Fame after a highly successful rookie season, and held numerous franchise records with the Cowboys until they were eventually broken by Emmitt Smith. His rookie card hails from 1978, so let’s check it out in more detail. 

The Best Tony Dorsett Rookie Cards

In truth, there’s only one Tony Dorsett RC that collectors care about. It takes up the top spot, but there are a few more entries from 1978 that we’ll discuss below. 

3.  1978 Topps Football Tony Dorsett RC #168 (eBay)

A card focusing on highlights of the 1977 season, it’s hard to find many better than this in terms of the action shot used. However, it’s not valuable by any means, and it uses an obscured image of Dorsett doing what he does best during Super Bowl XII.

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2. 1978 Topps Football Cowboy Leaders Team Checklist #507 (eBay)

This was the first football set in which stat leaders were paired together in groups of four. 

Dorsett shares this card along with Drew Pearson, Cliff Harris, and Harvey Martin. Dorsett rushed for 1,007 yards, which was enough to be an offensive leader in 1977. The card isn’t exactly dripping in star power, but it’s another notable option from the flagship Topps set. 

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1. 1978 Topps Football Tony Dorsett RC #315 (eBay)

As Dorsett’s true RC from the base set, the #315 card is where the true money is. It’s the sole option to sell for over $1,000, as long as it has received a Mint 9 grade from the likes of PSA. For example, take a look at the recent sale below:

There’s no question that this is the most prestigious Tony Dorsett rookie card on the market, and the true option as the base release from the 1978 set. 

Even with the recent dip in prices in the run up to 2023, it’s a valuable card that will compliment any collection. Meanwhile, the last sale for a PSA 10 Gem Mint copy as of November 2022 was for just over $22,000.

Check prices of 1978 Topps Football Tony Dorsett RC on eBay

Buyers Guide 

There are lots of cheaper options to choose from, and you could even look to 1979 Topps if you’re only interested in pristine cards. 

Overall, there’s only one real option if you’re looking for the most valuable Tony Dorsett RCs. However, there’s a trio of cards to chase from the 1978 Topps set. You can also check out versions of the Dorsett rookie card that were hand signed by the player in later years. 

Final Thoughts 

Dorsett is one of the safer players to invest in if you’re looking for a long-term hold. He’s well respected within the sport, and featured heavily as he earned a ring in his rookie season. It was his only Super Bowl win, but he was still an elite rusher during the time he spent with the Dallas Cowboys.

Of course, it’ll take at least five figures to add his 1978 Topps RC to your personal collection if you’re looking at pristine copies.

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