The Best Youssoufa Moukoko Rookie Cards: RCs, Guide, & Advice

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Youssoufa Moukoko is a German wunderkind who plays as a striker for Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund

Best known for his prolific scoring at youth level, he’s the youngest player to appear in the Bundesliga, and the youngest in history to feature in the Champions League at the age of 16 years and 18 days. 

Of course, this means that his rookie cards are some of the hottest in the hobby. They have been included in almost every major set released over the course of the 2020/21 season. 

Here’s a roundup with five of the best Youssoufa Moukoko rookie cards, along with investment advice for the promising forward. 

The Best Youssoufa Moukoko Rookie Cards

Youssoufa Moukoko has an endless stream of rookie cards, but which ones are actually worth collecting? 

5. 2021 Topps BVB Team Set Youssoufa Moukoko RC #DO-YM (eBay)

The Topps BVB Team Set is an affordable tin that focuses on players from Borussia Dortmund. (Of course, this includes the likes of Giovanni Reyna and Erling Haaland.)

It consists of 25 cards with silver embossed autographs of the players, while Moukoko is the sole signature found within the set. 

There are various coloured parallels, while there’s also a facsimile copy of his auto to be found. However, there’s no RC logo, even if it came out during his rookie year. 

The reverse is in German, as the set was originally released in Europe.

Team Set Auto Parallels: Orange #/130, Purple #/75, Green #/50, Yellow #/25, Black #/10, Yellow Foil #/10, Black Foil 1/1 

4. 2020 Panini Obsidian Youssoufa Moukoko RC #33 (eBay)

2020-21 Panini Obsidian Soccer is printed on distinct black Optichrome stock, so any cards from the set are instantly identifiable. 

The base card is serial numbered to 195 copies. It is accompanied by a host of Electric Etch parallels that up the overall value and rarity. 

It features a simple action shot of Moukoko as he moves along the pitch during his rookie season. 

Electric Etch Parallels: Purple #/75, Orange #/50, Blue #/30, Red Flood #/28, Red Pulsar #/28, Green #/25, White Pulsar #/11, Yellow #/10, Contra #/9, Red #/5, Blue Finite 1/1

3. 2020 Topps Chrome UCL Youssoufa Moukoko RC #55 (eBay)

2020 Topps Chrome UCL includes Moukoko in the 100 card base set, featuring the player in the yellow and black of Dortmund with his hands on his hips. 

As we’ve mentioned, he’s the youngest player in history to feature in the Champions League, even if he failed to score on his debut. 

The real money lies with the many Refractor parallels, which are currently priced within the high three-figure range. 

Refractor Parallels: Refractor (1:3), Speckle (1:9), Pink X-Fractor, Yellow Mini-Diamond #/299, Purple #/250, Purple Mini-Diamond #/250, Purple Carbon Fiber, Aqua #/199, Aqua Wave #/199, Pink #/175, Pink Mini-Diamond #/175, Blue #/150, Aqua Bubbles, Blue Bubbles, Neon Green #/99, Neon Green Bubbles, Blue Wave #/75, Gold Bubbles, Gold #/50, Orange #/25, Orange Bubbles, Red Carbon Fiber, Red #/10, Red Wave #/5, SuperFractor 1/1

2. 2020 Finest UCL Youssoufa Moukoko RC #62 (eBay)

2020 Topps Finest is another set that contains an early Moukoko RC, brimming with rare Refractor parallels and a unique background design. 

The Topps set focuses on the best that the UCL has to offer, including the German youth in the base set of 100 players.

He doesn’t have an auto or any other cards in the collection, so this is one of the more important rookie cards to feature Moukoko. 

Refractor Parallels: Base Refractor (1:3), Purple #/250, Speckle #/175 or #/125, Blue #/150, Pink Prism #/125, Mini Diamond #/125, Neon Green #/99, Aqua #/75, Gold #/50, Orange #/25, Red #/5, SuperFractor 1/1

1. 2020-21 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Youssoufa Moukoko RC #29 (eBay)

2020-21 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Soccer made use of a licensing arrangement with the German top flight, and offers an original design instead of copying the flagship MLB look as they had done in the past.  

As with the Finest RC, Refractor parallels are the most valuable copies, with the majority limited in number. 

There are only two Moukoko cards included in the set, with the second being a Future Stars insert. 

Refractor Parallels: Refractor (1:3), Purple #/299, X-Fractor #/250, Prism #/199, Blue #/150, Blue Wave #/150, Green #/99, Green Wave #/99, Pink #/75, Pink Wave #/75, Gold #/50, Gold Wave #/50, Orange #/25, Red #/10, SuperFractor 1/1

Youssoufa Moukoko Rookie Cards: Buyers Guide 

What’s the current state of the market for Youssoufa Moukoko rookie cards, and do we think they’re worth the attention they receive?

The Best Cheap Youssoufa Moukoko Cards

There are so many Moukoko cards with an RC logo attached, which does devalue the average release to some extent. However, they tend to be confined to one or two per set, rather than being stuffed with autos and patches. 

Some of the more abundant parallels mentioned above will work as a cheaper investment option, along with the Future Stars insert. 

The Best Youssoufa Moukoko Investment Card

Any of the rarest Refractor parallels are sure to sell for at least four figures, especially if they’re graded and happen to be in pristine condition. 

As they’re all so similar, it’s tough to set them apart at the high end. 

Youssoufa Moukoko Cards: Buying/Selling Advice

Moukoko has yet to set the Bundesliga alight, but it’s worth remembering that he’s still only 17. It’s unrealistic to expect him to start banging in goals at a similar rate to the likes of Robert Lewandowski

(Moukoko has the record for most goals in an U17 Bundesliga season with 50 goals. In addition, he broke the single-season U19 Bundesliga goal tally with 34 when he was only 15.)

He’s now playing against some of the best defenders in the world, while attempting to get minutes at Dortmund. 

Moukoko scored his first league goal against Borussia Mönchengladbach in February 2022. It’s a major bonus for collectors and investors alike. 

At the very least, we’d keep an eye on his card prices for the rest of the season. A continuation of his meteoric rise would see prices explode in the future. 

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