The Best Mohamed Salah Rookie Cards to Collect

Two-time African Footballer of the Year Mo Salah is in the form of his life, and leads the Premier League golden boot race heading into 2022

The Egypt captain is undoubtedly world class. He could help Liverpool to another famous title win despite the resurgence of Chelsea and Manchester City. 

None will be more important than Salah when all is said and done this season. 

Here’s a roundup with three of the best Mohammed Salah cards on the market right now, along with advice if you’re interested in their long-term potential. 

The Best Mohamed Salah Rookie Cards

We’ve listed three of the best vintage Mo Salah rookie options below. We begin back in 2013 when he was playing for Basel in the Swiss Super League. 

3. 2013 Panini UEFA Champions League Stickers Mohamed Salah RC #302 (eBay)

3. 2013 Panini UEFA Champions League Stickers Mohamed Salah RC #302 card

The 2013-14 Panini UEFA Champions League sticker set offers a duo of vintage Salah rookie options from his time with Basel while playing in Europe’s premier competition. 

He won back to back titles with the Swiss side. Salah went on to earn an ill-fated move to Chelsea in 2014. 

The first we’ll look at is numbered #302. It features the player in an action shot while wearing the blue and red of Basel. There’s a UCL logo in the top left corner, while the border is given a metallic finish.

Given that the sticker set was released in 2013, there aren’t many that have made it to the present day unscathed. 

2. 2013 Panini UEFA Champions League Stickers Mohamed Salah RC #372 (eBay)

2. 2013 Panini UEFA Champions League Stickers Mohamed Salah RC #372 card

Keeping with the 2013 Panini UEFA Champions League set, the second Salah sticker to make the list is a more traditional option with a simple profile image of the player. 

Once again, it’s reasonably rare due to a combination of the age, the fact it’s a flimsy sticker, and that Salah was playing for an unfancied Swiss side at the time. 

They managed to condense a lot of information onto a small piece of paper. This includes a bunch of stats and a tiny headshot. 

1. 2013 Simulacija Top 32 Mohamed Salah RC #94 (eBay)

2013 Simulacija Top 32 Mohamed Salah RC #94 card

Okay, so this is where it begins to get expensive

The 2013 Top 32 sticker set features the likes of Pele and Maradona, along with a rookie image of the future Egypt captain as seen in the image above.

Originally released in Serbia, the base collection includes 396 stickers, and they also feature an image of Lionel Messi on the reverse. 

The 2013 Simulacija set has a simple action shot of Salah after he’s let fly with a customary left boot. It’s especially tough to find in pristine condition. This is understandable given the age, as well as the country of release where grading isn’t especially popular.  

Mohamed Salah Cards: Values 

Despite his star status, you won’t have to break the bank to add a Salah rookie sticker to your personal collection. (As long as you avoid the best graded copies of the 2013 Top 32 set version.) 

PSA 8s and 9s currently sell within the low three figure range. 

Meanwhile, there’s a sole PSA 10 graded copy of the Top 32 card at the current time of writing. This has the potential to break the record for Salah cards in the future. 

Either of the 2013 Panini UEFA Champions League stickers are quite affordable. They will still set you back by a fair amount if you’re looking at graded versions. 

His World Cup RC is found in 2018 Panini sets. It contains a base copy that can be grabbed for less than $100. 


It’s a shame that there’s a lack of signed options, or even more popular early sets that bear the name of the famous Liverpool forward. 

However, it does make it easier to collect the best Salah rookie cards without having to break the bank. 

We also expect him to continue breaking EPL records for the next few years, and to be especially dangerous until his lightning pace begins to fail him as age takes its toll. 

We’re personally on the lookout for any cheaper ungraded stickers. We think they’re worth sending off for grading if there’s a chance that it could receive a perfect rating. 

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