The Best Jeremy Doku Rookie Cards: Guide & Advice

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Jeremy Doku is a Belgian international forward who left Anderlecht to sign for French club Rennes in a £23m deal in 2020. 

Seen as a wonderkid with the potential to lead the line for a top side in future, Doku has revealed that he turned down approaches from Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea at the start of his career.

Here’s a roundup with five of the best Jeremy Doku rookie cards that are available right now. 

The Best Jeremy Doku Rookie Cards 

You’ll find Jeremy Doku rookie cards in a range of sets produced by Topps and Panini in 2020. 

5. 2020 Topps Merlin Chrome Jeremy Doku RC #64 (eBay)

We’ll begin with the ever popular 2020 Merlin Chrome collection, which features a single Doku RC in the base set. You’ll be able to find a range of numbered chromium parallels, which will change either the border or background color. 

Doku is pictured in the red and black of Rennes, in the season in which he made his Champions League debut. 

  • Parallels: Refractor (1:3), Aqua Prism (3 per Blaster), Purple #/299, Atomic #/250, Aqua #/99, Speckle #/150, Green #/99, Green Mojo #/99, Blue #/75, Blue Shimmer #/75, Gold #/50, Gold Atomic #/50, Orange #/25, Black #/15, Red #/10, Red Wave #/5, SuperFractor 1/1

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4. 2020 Topps Finest UEFA Jeremy Doku RC #40 (eBay

2020-21 Topps Finest UEFA Champions League is next up. Essentially the same image as seen above, this time it’s been zoomed out ever so slightly. (It highlights Topps’ laziness, but the numbered parallels are always popular.)

Once again, Doku has a sole inclusion in the set, and there’s no autographed edition to chase. 

  • Parallels: Base Refractor (1:3), Purple #/250, Speckle #/175 or #/125, Blue #/150, Pink Prism #/125, Mini Diamond #/125, Neon Green #/99, Aqua #/75, Gold #/50, Orange #/25, Red #/5, SuperFractor 1/1

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3. 2020 Topps Chrome UCL Jeremy Doku RC #2 (eBay

If you’re interested in rare parallels, 2020-21 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League features another valuable Doku RC.

The second card from the base set, the Chrome Refractor parallel lineup sees a large increase compared to last season, including several “Mini-Diamond” versions. It’s certain to be worth a fair amount if it happens to be wrapped in a graded slab.

  • Parallels: Refractor (1:3), Speckle (1:9), Pink X-Fractor, Yellow Mini-Diamond #/299, Purple #/250, Purple Mini-Diamond #/250, Purple Carbon Fiber, Aqua #/199, Aqua Wave #/199, Pink #/175, Pink Mini-Diamond #/175, Blue #/150, Aqua Bubbles, Blue Bubbles, Neon Green #/99, Neon Green Bubbles, Blue Wave #/75, Gold Bubbles, Gold #/50, Orange #/25, Orange Bubbles, Red Carbon Fiber, Red #/10, Red Wave #/5, SuperFractor 1/1

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2. 2020 Topps Chrome UCL Sapphire Jeremy Doku RC #2 (eBay

Once again, isn’t this pretty much the same card as seen above?

An exclusive blue version of the base 2020-21 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League set, 2020-21 Topps Chrome Sapphire Edition offers an assortment of base cards, parallels and a few image variations.

It’s proven to be more popular than the normal Topps Chrome set seen above, mostly due to the low various numbered parallels, and the overall scarcity.  

  • Parallels: Aqua #/150, Yellow #/99, Green #/75, Orange #/50, Purple #/25, Red #/5, Padparadscha 1/1

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1. 2020 Mosaic UEFA Euro Jeremy Doku RC #11 (eBay)

The 2021 Panini Mosaic UEFA Euro 2020 Soccer was delayed along with the tournament itself, due to Covid-19. 

You’ll only find one Doku RC contained within the set, and just like the others, there’s no auto or patch to chase. However, it’s his first branded international RC, from a premium collection which has a rainbow of rare numbered parallels to chase. In fact, we think that Doku’s rookie international card from Euro 2020 is the best option overall. 

(Belgium lost to eventual winners Italy in the 2020 tournament.)

  • Base Parallels: Silver
  • Mosaic Parallels: Base Mosaic, Camo Pink, Genesis, Green, Reactive Gold, Reactive Red, Red, Blue #/99, Purple Fluorescent #/70, Purple #/49, Orange Fluorescent #/25, Pink #/25, Blue Fluorescent #/15, Gold #/10, Gold Fluorescent #/10, Pink Fluorescent #/10, Black 1/1
  • Circles Parallels: Blue #/99, Purple #/49, White #/25, Gold #/10, Black 1/1
  • Choice Parallels: Peacock, Red & Green, Red & Gold #/88, Black Gold #/18, Nebula 1/1
  • Pulsar Parallels: Blue, Gold, Red

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Jeremy Doku Rookie Cards: Buyers Guide 

What does the market look like for the top Jeremy Doku rookie cards? Here’s what we think of the current situation. 

Even the rarest Doku rookie cards aren’t the most expensive options from 2020, possibly as the player has yet to find the net consistently since making the move to France. Only the rarest gem mint graded versions are likely to sell for anywhere near four figures right now. 

Either the UCL Sapphire RC or the 2021 Mosaic card have to be seen as the best Jeremy Doku RC overall. They offer a great mix of strong branding and low print runs. A sole card per set makes it a lot easier to chase.

Jeremy Doku Rookie Cards: Final Thoughts

Doku is one of many stars in a packed rookie class of 2020. It includes the likes of Pedri, Ryan Gravenberch, Karim Adeyemi, Eduardo Camavinga, and Jude Bellingham

His rookie cards are a great outside bet if you follow Ligue 1, and the team is obviously hoping to sell him for big money in the future. 

The same goes for many collectors of his rarest RCs. We’d keep an eye on his progress over the next few seasons. There’s a reason why he was rated so highly in the first place. 

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